Alterwaste Ltd is an innovative start-up company formed to prevent industrial waste by turning the waste by-products into brand new, highly valuable products that will benefit our environment, instead of polluting it.

With global warming being one of the biggest issues nowadays, we need work hard to preserve our environment in the best way possible. Considering the waste that is generated on a daily basis, that’s where we can act first and improve the world we live in.

One of our main areas of focus is reducing plastic pollution by replacing everyday plastic objects with more sustainable alternatives. A demand for sustainable products is growing and France has already banned the use of plastic disposables – at Alterwaste Ltd we believe that this is just a beginning. And with the government legislations pushing for sustainable alternatives, now it’s time to do our part to help make our environment greener.

Currently, we are focusing on reducing eggshell waste that is generated by industrial egg processors. Due to the current laws and regulations, egg processors are obliged to send their waste to landfill, however, we believe that there are better solutions for eggshell waste disposal than landfill.

So we’ve developed a brand new material out of those waste eggshells and we are focused on using it for a range of disposable products (disposable tableware, packaging, gardening supplies, etc.) that will fertilise the soil at after the use.

As we grow, we are determined to broaden our field by looking into other waste by-products and find the way to give them a new life.