Founder and CEO

Martina Zupan is a Product Design graduate from Edinburgh Napier University interested in Technology, Sustainability and Innovation. She was not afraid to go about trying to solve one of many problems of waste in Food and Drinks Industry and has developed a new compostable material made from eggshells.

With experience in design, marketing, administration and customer service, she has developed a great skillset, which will help her commercialise the idea and expand the product. And with the support of invaluable mentors, she aims to get the product onto the kitchen tables as soon as possible.

She is currently working on secure funding to help her grow her business and expanding her team, so make sure you let her know if you are like-minded and hardworking individual, interested in joining her startup.



 Design and Research Volunteer

Kirsty McKain is a Product Design graduate, passionate about designing, making and sustainable living.

As a part-time Alterwaste team member, she is a design and research superstar, managing all things data and creative and helping us make the world a better place.






General Assistant Volunteer

Sarah Gale is a Mechanical Engineering student at Heriot-Watt University. Her previous decade-long career in tourism saw her working for a 5-star Visit Scotland and Gold Green Tourism Company.

She brings a five-star attitude, a passion for sustainability and renewable resources, technical knowledge and a variety of unique and practical skills. As a part-time Alterwaste general assistant, she provides research and administrative support, and a brain cloud for idea bouncing.







We would be delighted to hear from you if:

  • you love what we do,
  • you are passionate about making a positive environmental impact,
  • you are interested in getting involved,
  • you could bring in additional skills (such as materials engineering, supply chain management, etc.)
  • you would like to hear more about our work.

Just drop us a line through our contact form and we’ll get to you shortly.