The Beginning

Our story started from making scrambled eggs for breakfast. The thought of why we throw eggshells away and the question of what happened to all the eggshells from 12.5 billion eggs that were consumed in 2016 in the UK?

After some research, we found a problem considering eggshells from egg processors. Due to the current laws and regulations, they are obliged to send their waste to landfill, which cost them a lot of money and the waste pollutes the environment as the methane that is generated by rotting protein leftovers cannot be captured. This gave us a challenge of finding a solution for how to divert this eggshells from landfills and create something greater that environment could potentially benefit from. Calcium carbonate, what eggshells are mainly made from, is a great fertiliser, so that kept us focusing on how can we enrich the soil in the end of the process after giving those eggshells a second life as a new product.

After many many long days stuck in the lab and after lots of trial and error, we created a brand new material with our patent pending process that could be used for unlimited applications and keep the biodegradable features. Considering plastic pollution as one of the biggest current problems focused us on using this material for products which would replace plastic.

Plastic single-use disposable products are being overused by people around the world. And by designing Colleggtion product range we created a beginning of a beautiful story in which we started reducing plastic pollution by also reducing eggshell waste ending in landfills.


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