Sustainable Easter

You might remember our blog post from a few months back, we gave you a few tips on going green over the Christmas holidays.

With Easter just around the corner, we’re on a hunt to be more eco-friendly, From naturally colouring egg shells to throwing away your chocolate egg wrappers, here’s some eco-easter tips!

Tips for an Eco-friendly Easter

1. Support your local Chocolatiers

If you’re like us and you love shopping local, check out these artisan choccie businesses in Edinburgh:


By the way, for the best people watching spot in Edinburgh, get yourself down to The Chocolate Tree’s window seat in Bruntsfield!

Also, we hear Considerit do the best VEGAN milkshakes and donuts in town!

2. Can you recycle chocolate egg packaging?

Generally, yes! The cardboard packaging of Easter eggs can go in recycling bins (minus the plastic window).  

And remember to scrunch foil wraps into a ball before aiming for the closest recycling bin!


3. More Chocolate, Less Waste

 If you’re a victim of “the bigger the better” Easter Egg marketing tool, we suggest you change it up this year for “the less waste the better!” 

Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Eco Egg is our favourite pick this easter. It’s delicious, and their award winning packaging is innovative and eco-friendly, two things that we love! 


4. Recycle your eggshells

We love turning trash into a treasure! 

After cooking eggs on Easter morning or painting eggshells in the afternoon, instead of throwing those excess eggshells away, we challenge you to try out these creative ways to re-use them.

Here’s some ideas:


Use half cracked eggshells as seedling starters

Use crushed eggshells to scrub your pans

Make a calcium supplement for your smoothies (but make sure you check how to do it safely!)

They’re rich in minerals and make great fertilizer

Whiten your laundry, wash clothes with eggshells in a mesh bag 

5. "Dying" to get creative

Save money and save the environment by using natural bits and bobs that you already have in your kitchen to dye eggshells this Easter. 

Check out this guide and find out how you can use red cabbage, turmeric, onion skin, beetroot and coffee to dye your eggs! 

6. Keep the earth tidy

Easter can be egg-stra messy! With egg rolling and easter egg hunts, it can be tempting to leave eggshells lying around outside. Don’t forget to take them inside and recycle them 🥚♻️ 

The eggs have been bought, the house has been tidied and the kitchen is well stocked with chocolate. Everything is ready for the kids. But don't forget, kids aren't the only ones who can enjoy an egg hunt 😉

Happy Easter! 🐰🐣

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