Scottish EDGE Round 13

Last week, we were at the Scottish EDGE 13 Live Final and amongst the winners, we spotted some fantastic low carbon businesses! 


As a previous Scottish EDGE Winner of Young EDGE and Wild Card EDGE, we were delighted to be at Round 13 as a supporter of other Scottish businesses this year!

Scottish EDGE supports Scotland’s most innovative, high-growth potential startup businesses with up to £150,000 in cash and an all-encompassing business support package. The competition, to date, has created an additional 1381 Scottish jobs, generated an additional £104.22 million in turnover, and received additional investment to the sum of £82.47 million.  

Sir Tom Hunter, entrepreneur and supporter of Scottish EDGE said: 

“We are resolute in supporting Scotland’s future leaders of business and that’s why this is never just about money, all entrants, win or lose, receive vital support packages to help them on their way and come back again to EDGE when they are ready to do so.”   

Meet the low carbon winners of EDGE 13!

Clean Water Wave, a social enterprise developing a community-scale, very low-energy, water treatment system making it a long term, sustainable solution for rural or semi-urban communities across the world. The Clean Aqua For Everyone (CAFE) system is specifically designed to be simple, robust and very effective. They won £65,000! 

Winning £50,000, Boxenergy is a Scottish startup with the vision to electrify domestic heating and reduce fuel poverty by offering energy as a service with heat at 1p/kWh, delivering annual savings of 7 tCO2 and £500 per customer. Boxergy accelerates decarbonisation of domestic heating whilst their business model secures the benefits for consumers.

Sofa for Life, a modular and customisable sofa which is better for you and the environment by increasing the sofa’s lifetime. It is integrated into a circular service, which promotes repair, component replacement, reuse and recycling. Sofa for Life demonstrates that sustainability is no longer a compromise, but an advantage and took home £10,000!

Crover won WildCard EDGE, taking home £10,000. They are using the first ever technology locomotion in bulk solids, developing a remote probing device for the monitoring of cereal grains stored in bulk. This is allowing customers such as farmers, brewers and grain merchants to identify critical conditions early and maintain the quality of their stock. 

We also loved...

Good-Loop who won an impressive £40,000, run ethical ads for global brands like Unilever, Universal and Canon and consistently deliver up to double the ad engagement and brand uplift – all whilst doing some good for the world! Read more about Good-Loop here.

Although we were there to support other businesses this year, we are excited to compete in the main round in the future, watch this space! 

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